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Welcome to our Spanish School in Madrid! We offer Spanish courses and the opportunity to learn Spanish in Madrid at our renowned institution. Join our Spanish classes at AIL Madrid, the fabulous Spanish School where our welcoming and friendly environment, combined with the accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes, creates an extraordinary Spanish learning experience. Join us and embark on your Spanish journey in the heart of Madrid!

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Most Popular Spanish Courses in Madrid

intensive spanish course student


Supercharge your Spanish skills with our Intensive Spanish Course in Madrid. Dive deep into grammar, vocabulary, and conversation practice with classmates. Join us now and excel in Spanish!

evening spanish course


Busy schedule? No problem! Our Spanish Evening Course is perfect for working professionals and students. Develop your skills at your convenience and make the most of your time in Madrid.

semi intensive spanish course


Enhance your Spanish skills with our semi-intensive Spanish course in Madrid. Perfect for busy learners seeking effective language acquisition in a flexible schedule. Start your journey today!

Key Features of our School


18+ Years Experience


Quality Teaching & Learning


Native Spanish Teachers


First-Class Facilities


Small Class Sizes


Satisfied & Happy Students

Other Spanish Courses in Madrid

Weekend Spanish Course

Weekend Spanish Course in Madrid

Comprehensive 12-week program, 3 hours of classes on Fridays or Saturdays. Focus on communication skills, expert grammar guidance. Dynamic and interactive classes.

Long Term Spanish Course

Long-Term Spanish Course in Madrid

Immersive experience, vibrant city exploration, 20 dynamic classes/week, lasting friendships, master fluency, seize opportunities. Embrace language, culture, and excitement. Join us!

Premium Spanish Course

Premium Spanish Course in Madrid

Experience an extraordinary language journey with our efficient Premium Spanish Course in Madrid. Combine group classes and individual lessons for comprehensive learning. 

Total Immersion Spanish Course

Total Immersion Spanish Course in Madrid

Accelerated learning with 30 weekly classes. Develop strong language skills and gain fluency through personalized group lessons and immersive experiences. Join us now for a transformative language adventure! 

Club +50 Spanish Course

Club 50+ Spanish Course in Madrid

A unique and joyful Spanish immersion experience for mature learners. Enjoy comprehensive language classes with like-minded peers, explore Madrid's culture, indulge in tapas, and immerse in Spanish life. 

Private Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish Lessons in Madrid

Tailored, flexible, and convenient. Customize your learning experience and study at your pace. Personalized study program and engaging exercises. Practice in real-life situations. 

Our students talk about their experience in AIL Madrid

Laura from Belgium

Peter from USA

Luisa from Australia

Juliane from Brazil

Elisa from Switzerland

Alka from India

Why learn Spanish at AIL Madrid?

1. Accredited Excellence: Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish Language School in Madrid.
2. Expert Native Teachers: Highly qualified, native Spanish teachers.
3. Comprehensive Programs: Tailored intensive courses and exam preparation.
4. Max. class size of 8.
5. Immersive Environment: Practice Spanish in vibrant Madrid.
6. Fun after-class activities.
7. Flexibility and Convenience: Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes.
8. Supportive Environment: Friendly team, inclusive and welcoming learning environment.
9. Proven Track Record: almost 20 years of successful language learning.
10. Commitment to Your Success: Personalized assistance for your goals.

Join AIL Madrid for an unforgettable Spanish learning journey. Experience the joy of learning a new language and open doors to new opportunities. Let us guide you to Spanish fluency.

We are the best and top-rated school in Spain

We have the perfect accommodation option for you

Economical Accommodation Options for Your Stay

At AIL Madrid Spanish Language School in Madrid, we understand that for your language learning journey you need you are looking to combine comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. We offer a variety of accommodation options to suit your preferences and budget. Choose from staying with a carefully selected host family for an immersive cultural experience, or opt for our conveniently located student apartments. Rest assured that all our accommodations are clean, safe, and equipped with the necessary basic amenities to make your stay enjoyable. Experience the convenience and comfort of our accommodation options and focus on making the most of your time in Madrid.

Spanish Learning Resources

Unlock the full potential of your Spanish classes with AIL Madrid Spanish Language School's extensive collection of resources and activities for teachers. From interactive quizzes that serve as engaging review tools to captivating infographics that bring language concepts to life, our resources are designed to enhance classroom instruction and support student learning. With our comprehensive range of materials, you'll have everything you need to create dynamic and engaging lessons that inspire language proficiency and cultural understanding. Explore our diverse selection of teacher resources and elevate your Spanish classes to new heights.

All our Learning Resources for Spanish Teachers and Students are free of charge

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