Accommodation in Madrid

Explore our diverse accommodation options in Madrid. Choose between staying with a welcoming host family or enjoying the independence of a shared apartment. Experience the city to the fullest while studying Spanish with us.

Our Accommodation

I’m Silvia from the Accommodation Team, and I’m here to ensure you have a wonderful living experience here in Madrid!

We offer a range of accommodation options in Madrid to make your course that bit more special: our housing options are top quality, reasonably priced, and well connected to the school via public transport. But we go beyond just providing a place to stay: many options, such as host families, will enhance your language learning process and put you on the fast lane! It’s a fantastic way to dive into Spanish culture and definitely something to keep in mind when choosing your accommodation in Madrid!

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Key Features of our Accommodation Options


Good quality




Competitive prices - no booking fees








Culturally immersive


In safe and secure neighborhoods


Well equipped


Centrally located


Regularly inspected and undergoes continuous quality control

Host Family/Homestay

Experience the ultimate Spanish immersion by living with a local host family in the heart of Madrid! It’s the perfect choice to enhance your Spanish skills and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture.

Shared Flat

Forge lasting friendships with fellow students aged 30 and under while exploring the wonders of Madrid together! Our accommodations feature clean and bright rooms, ideal for those seeking to create a vibrant international social circle in Madrid. Please note that all flats are mixed-gender.

Host Family (juniors only)

The Host Family Immersion Program for juniors offers an exceptional opportunity for students aged 18 and under to experience a warm and welcoming international environment with a caring and supportive host family. Enjoy a memorable and enriching cultural exchange while feeling right at home away from home.

One Bedroom Apartment

An executive flat is the ideal choice for independent adults or couples seeking their own private space while exploring the wonders of Madrid. Enjoy the freedom and comfort of a personal sanctuary as you immerse yourself in all that the city has to offer.

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