5 Christmas gift ideas

On the hunt for the perfect Christmas present? Looking for something thoughtful, special, surprising, and original?

Well, that doesn’t sound like an easy quest. Let nothing you dismay because we are going to give you 5 fantastic ideas to get the best gifts for Christmas. If you haven’t bought your Christmas presents yet, keep reading.

  • Give funny socks as a gift: it’s always a good idea, they are practical and warm. You can find super eye-catching and original socks such as those decorated with: billiard balls, reindeer, or even anime characters like Pikachu… Giving cool socks as a gift is always a good idea!

  • Make a personalised photo album: if you want to give an original gift and you are a handyman. You can buy a photo album in a stationery shop and put your favourite photos in it. What’s more, if you print out the Polaroid photos you can write a message on each photo. It’s a very special gift!

  • Give an adventure activity as a gift: you can use this idea to give a gift to your partner or friends. Give a bungee jumping or go karting as a gift, it’s a great way to have fun and get out of the routine.


  • Give a book as a present: this idea never disappoints, if you have recently read a book that you liked from the first moment, don’t hesitate! Write a dedication on the cover, put the date on which you gave it as a gift, wrap it in pretty wrapping paper and Voilà, you’ve got the perfect gift!

  • Give a language course as a gift: giving a Spanish course as a gift is super easy! You just have to choose any course from our catalogue and we will send you a voucher to be redeemed anytime next year. We have new groups starting every week, so we will find a perfect match according to the level and availability of the lucky recipient of the voucher. This Christmas gift to your loved ones the power to communicate

Sharing gifts is one of our favourite Spanish Christmas traditions, but the most important thing is to be able to spend time together and share special moments every year with our family and friends. We hope you liked our ideas for the best Christmas gifts.

See you in the next blog and Merry Christmas!



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