AIL Madrid has received the Socially Responsible of ELE School Certificate

Since the first AIL Madrid school was founded to learn Spanish, the values and ethical commitment that we wanted to have from our company were very clear: we wanted to fight against social inequality and make our work and educational environment a safe and egalitarian space.

Although we have always liked to join altruistic initiatives, this year we feel that we are more committed than ever. The Urania conflict was, without a doubt, the clearest example of the importance of solidarity and fraternity between countries. From AIL Madrid we promoted the initiative to collect food, medicine and warm clothes to achieve the greatest number of collaboration among our students, staff and clients.

After this, we felt that we could be useful and do our bit for other causes. As if it were a game, all the members of the company got together to do a brainstorming session, where we proposed charitable causes in which we could collaborate. Taking into account our sector, we believed that we could be very useful in eliminating language barriers for immigrants and other people at risk of social exclusion.

Since one of our colleagues told us about the important work done by Kif-kif: a non-profit organization of the LGTBIQ collective that helps young immigrants, it was clear to us. We wanted to collaborate with them and so we offered them free Spanish classes at our facilities. We know how complicated it can be sometimes to look for a job or move around the city being a foreigner and we could not get used to the idea if you also belong to a group so mistreated by society.

The reality is that the LGTBIQ collective has very negative data on the percentage of unemployment and therefore, we believed that it could be very beneficial for them to have a good level of Spanish.

In addition to these alliances that we have established with these associations, we feel the need to improve our social awareness. Therefore, we want to make a radical change in our awareness of recycling and we are going to carry out a plan in which all our academies will have differentiated bins for waste management.

With this scenario behind us, a few months ago we received an email from FEDELE encouraging schools to create a sustainability plan talking about the importance of all good practices in a company and we were offered the possibility of getting a certification that allowed a school to be a “Socially Responsible of ELE School Certificate“.

From the first reading of the sustainability plan it was clear to us, getting this certification was going to be the boost we needed to continue working on our project to improve and help achieve a better world and a better school.

This week we have received the fantastic news that our school has achieved the FEDELE certification for being a responsible school. Nothing can make us more excited than to continue working on this and to participate in new and increasingly important projects.

At AIL Madrid we believe that talking about equality, integration and environmental protection is very important to promote social awareness, although to really achieve progress you have to apply them in your company and in your person. That is why we proudly wear this certification to demonstrate our commitment.

I know this blog has been very different, but not everything is going to be about learning Spanish there are times when it is necessary to get out of the filter of butterflies and hearts that Instagram shows and show the harsh reality in which people at risk of social exclusion, animals that are endangered by climate change, women in the labor market and many other causes find themselves.

That’s why I challenge you not to accept the impossible and, like us, join us in helping someone. You’ll see how rewarding it is.

See you next time!





María de Benito Hernández

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Trabajo en el equipo de AIL Madrid y me encargo de llevar las redes sociales. Adoro crear contenido, tanto vídeos como blogs. Por lo que, sinos sigues en nuestro canal de TikTok e Instagram seguramente te suene mi cara 😉 Te animo a seguir nuestras cuentas y comentar, me gusta mucho interactuar con nuestros seguidores y compartir la pasión por el español que tenemos todos los integrantes del equipo de AIL contigo. ¡Seguro que amplias tus conocimientos y pasas un rato súper divertido!

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