Easter in Madrid

Hello! Today I decided to write this blog because many of the students of our school ask us about the best things to do in Madrid at Easter. The truth is that I have been totally hooked on a super interesting travel blog that talks about the best things to do in Madrid. So, I want to do like the author of this blog and give you some ideas to inspire you.

If I’m being honest, until now, I had never realized how striking the way of celebrating Easter in Madrid can be for tourists or the rest of the people who watch it on TV or Instagram.

Since I’ve been working at AIL Madrid, I realize that Spain has very old traditions that are still celebrated and passed down from generation to generation. If you want to know some of the best plans to do in Madrid this week, keep reading because I am going to propose you very interesting plans:

Maundy Thursday (April 14): if you want to enjoy the most famous Holy Week processions of Holy Thursday, I recommend the Procession ‘El Divino Cautivo’. It is one that has more devotees*, you know that the center of Madrid is very large, but you can check the schedules here.

Good Friday (April 15): is the most important day of Holy Week, as it celebrates the *Passion of Christ and his death on the Cross. So, if you want to live the Holy Week in Madrid, but you do not have time to go to all the processions, you can choose this day to feel the atmosphere of this special festivity. In addition, if you are not in the center of Madrid or want to take advantage to visit other places, we leave you a guide where you will find some municipalities of the capital where Holy Week is celebrated.

Holy Saturday (April 16): on this day the Virgin Mary is the protagonist par excellence. For this reason, it is very common that the processions are with the image of the Virgin dressed in mourning. One of the most important processions is the “El encuentro con el cristo Yaciente”. I know many people from Madrid who have absolute devotion for this procession.

Easter Sunday (April 17): without a doubt, the Easter Sunday processions are the most joyful and emotional. The people of Madrid put an end to Holy Week in the most joyful and festive way possible. If you decide to join all the processions, you will notice that the Sunday processions are more cheerful, the costaleros do not wear black and even the orchestra marks a different and more cheerful rhythm.

Semana Samta en Madrid Although I am convinced that you have seen how Holy Week is celebrated in Madrid, I wanted to write this blog so that you are aware of the program of each day. In addition, this week we have received many new students who have come to our school to take an intensive Spanish course in Madrid and I am going to share this blog with them so that they do not miss a single moment of this important holiday.

In case anyone wants to know the meaning of some of the typical words of this celebration, I leave you a small glossary so that you are aware of everything.

Devotee: people who are faithful to a specific Saint or Christian image.

Passion of Christ: this is the name given to the death of Christ.

I hope you liked it and I look forward to your comments if you come to Madrid to live the Holy Week.

See you next time guys!


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