My first 3 weeks studying Spanish in Madrid

Hello again! In this blog I am going to tell you all about life as a Spanish student in Madrid. Throughout my time here, I will be sharing my experiences so that if at some point you fancy spending some time here, you can lean on my advice.

Estudiantes de intercambio en Madrid

Why did I sign up to a Spanish course in Madrid?

Although I feel lucky to have been born and raised in a small and friendly town like Cambridge, I have always dreamed of exploring the world beyond. When I was younger my grandfather once gave me an encyclopedia for my birthday, and I used to spend hours reading about different countries. However, there was one that caught my attention more than any other: Spain, with its warm climate and its vibrant cities.

After studying Spanish at school, I decided that I was ready for the next step: to spend some time living in Spain to perfect my language skills. My goal? To return to England and go to Oxford University to study in the Modern Foreign Languages department with a focus on Spanish.

Estudiantes de intercambio en España

How has my experience in Madrid been so far?

So far, I have spent 3 weeks in Madrid and I absolutely love it. From the famous Retiro Park to the enormous Royal Palace, the architecture in Madrid never cease to amaze me. Yet, my favorite thing so far has to be the food: in the mornings, I always have a ‘café con leche’ with a ‘tostada’ with Iberian jamón, tomato and olive oil. As much as I love a Full English, this classic Spanish breakfast definitely takes a spot as one of the best breakfasts in the world.

Aperitivo en España

How are my Spanish classes?

I am currently taking C1 level classes, that’s to say, the highest level for non-native speakers. My Spanish classes in Madrid are going really well: I am learning lots of vocabulary in very little time. There’s nothing like walking and talking with the locals to practice everything I am learning in class!

I am sure that experiencing Madrid as a local, not a tourist, will make for a truly unforgettable experience. All of this while making new friendships, learning a new language, and practicing it daily with fellow students and native language speakers. I am hoping to widen my knowledge of Madrid in the coming months. Hence, I want to improve my Spanish through total immersion in the local culture. Of course, I have faith in my Spanish classes at AIL Madrid, which have already been of so much help to me.  My goal is to speak Spanish fluently and naturally and, above all, to learn the typical slang of Madrid. For now, I can assure you that this city mola mazo.

Estudiar español en Madrid

Until my next blog, I hope you are all keeping safe and that you are able to see your families this Christmas.

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