Online Spanish classes: the student view

Since the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, many International language schools, that have traditionally relied upon travel and face-to-face classroom teaching, have suffered catastrophic consequences.

Clases online de espanol en AIL MadridSome language schools have tried to carry on in as normal a fashion as Covid-19 restrictions allow, others have closed, either permanently or temporarily, and a number have attempted to introduce hastily constructed online Spanish learning courses to meet the challenges presented by the absence of students in school.

And yet, the appetite for learning a new language remains undiminished! And AIL Madrid have been way ahead of other language schools in Spain in launching professional and accomplished online Spanish courses from the very beginning of the pandemic way back in March 2020. The AIL Madrid Virtual classrooms have proven so successful that for many students, online learning is now their preferred method of learning.

estudiantes de cursos presenciales de espanolSo, what’s the secret recipe for the success of the AIL online Spanish courses? There is no single answer to this, other than the professionally executed practices that Spain’s leading Spanish language school has put in place that replicate the features of face-to-face learning but from the comfort and safety of your own home. The best way of understanding how swiftly and successfully AIL Madrid has adapted its programmes to meet the needs of students studying Spanish in the online  Spanish classes is to hear from the students themselves, so here are some students’ views of online learning:

Testimonials from very contented AIL online Spanish students!

Kossay from Tunisia couldn’t sing the praises of his online Spanish classes highly enough:

Kossay, estudiante del aula virtual de AIL Madrid“As much as I like the traditional learning setting, I do also enjoy AIL Madrid’s virtual classroom! This is one of the greatest aspects about technology nowadays and it’s great to learn from the comfort of my home. I feel like my Spanish is improving every day. Online learning is very beneficial for those on a tight schedule who still want to learn Spanish quickly. And one thing I love about AIL Madrid’s online intensive classes is the beautiful diversity we have in the (virtual) class. I would highly recommend AIL Madrid online Spanish classes to anyone interested in learning Spanish!”

Brooke from California was equally full of praise:

estudiante de cursos online AIL Madrid

“I’d done online classes, but they were different, they weren’t live virtual  classes, so it was a new experience for me learning Spanish live online with the teacher in person. The platforms that AIL Madrid use work out super well: the best quality, the best connection, the best sounds. So, we had all the qualities of the real classroom. Online classes are motivating, encouraging and fun! I love learning Spanish and connecting with people, so having this opportunity to do my favourite things is really fun for me. I enjoy it a lot. My teachers were super awesome with sending out material. They had everything available in PDF format or in an online format. I would definitely recommend AIL Madrid’s online Spanish classes because every teacher has been phenomenal in going above and beyond to make sure you’re learning.”

Isa, from the Philippines, had initially been attending face-to face Spanish classes at AIL Madrid before switching to the virtual classroom. Her testimony describes the experience of transitioning in very positive terms:

Isa, estudiante de clases online

“I’ve never participated in online Spanish classes before, so interacting through a screen was a fear of mine. That I wouldn’t be able to grasp the lesson as well as normal, but I enjoyed the online classes and am still learning from it which was my main concern. My concerns were not a problem, I’m even able to learn a little bit more. It’s also been a motivating factor to get me out of bed in the morning and not focus on the pandemic and to focus on something else, and that’s something people really need at this time. The benefits of the online Spanish  class are that I’m still able to continue learning Spanish in the comfort of my home, and I’m able to meet people and learn about different cultures. I feel like I’m learning more, and I like that I’m able to save time. Zoom is very good compared to other video platforms. It’s the best one in terms of connection and what it enables you to do. I didn’t know about the breakout room function until I had virtual classes and that’s great because we’re still able to have activities where you can pair up in similar groups and be in smaller groups. I like those small engagements with my “online classmates”. I’d definitely recommend online Spanish classes. It’s a great option and the teachers are a great factor in this because they address any concerns and questions. It’s a really fun experience.”

Shon, from the Maldives, had a similar experience to Isa in that he had begun his Spanish language learning at AIL Madrid with face-to-face classes before crossing over to the online learning experience. Here’s what he has to say:

testimonio de shon, estudiante de cursos de espanol online

“I chose to study Spanish at AIL Madrid after going online and seeing what people had to say, and it came across that students had a very positive experience. My experience has been very good too. I was sceptical when I switched to online classes, but it’s been great and everything I worried about was for no reason. My online classes at AIL Madrid have been a very positive learning experience, very ‘now’.”

So successful has the AIL Madrid online course been, that the school has decided to continue with the online programme on a permanent basis.

So, what’s stopping you? All you need is a decent broadband connection, a laptop or tablet, and a desire to learn Spanish online at an affordable price, and you could be on the way to learning a new language fast!

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