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Hello, how are you? I hope everything is going great, this week I bring you the best activities to do in Madrid especially if you come for sightseeing with teenagers.

If you follow us on our Instagram page you already know that last week we received a school group from Poland who came to learn Spanish in Madrid and live an exciting experience together with their classmates.

At AIL we love to welcome school groups who come to enjoy the High School Study Programs. We like to see them enjoy this experience in Madrid together with their teachers and feel the energy and vitality that they transmit to all of us.

Yesterday we asked them what their favorite activities had been to tell you about them in this blog post so you can get inspiration if you are looking for the best activities to do in Madrid with teenagers and so you can get inspiration if you are looking for the best activities to do in Madrid with teenagers.

Our students’ selection

1- Take a bike ride in El Retiro Park

This park is one of the most emblematic of the capital: you can find a piece of nature in the middle of the imposing buildings of Madrid. You will be able to see the ahuehuete: the oldest tree in Madrid, which is said to be about 400 years old.

If you like to take pictures and make your Instagram profile get lots of likes don’t forget to bring your camera with a charged battery because you will need it, in this park you can take the best pictures of Madrid!

2- Go to an escape room

The escape room fever came to Madrid a few years ago and in the most central area of the city you can find many rooms where you can solve a mystery. Youngsters have a great time and it is also a great way to live a linguistic immersion.

In our school we are totally hooked on the escape romos. That’s why our teacher Luismi prepared one for them in one of our centers. The students had to solve a super exciting riddle to test their wits and their knowledge of Spanish.

3- Attend a cooking class

Being able to enjoy the Spanish gastronomy is one of the pluses that any person who comes to study Spanish in Madrid has. That is why we decided to take advantage of the fact that one of our schools offers an intensive Spanish and cooking course to teach our students how to prepare one of our most typical dishes: tortilla de patata and paella.

If you decide to come to Madrid for tourism, you can take advantage of an afternoon to go to a local cooking course. You will have a lot of fun while learning some amazing recipes and you will be able to surprise your guests by cooking for them the best dishes of the Spanish gastronomy when you go back home. In addition, it is an activity that is suitable for all ages and ideal to do with the family.

4- Going to a show or theme park

In Madrid there is a wide range of cultural activities and therefore, if you travel with teenagers you will find many activities and places to visit where they will enjoy the most: from the Lion King musical, to the Warner Park and some of the best museums in Spain.

We are real specialists in acting as guides of the capital. That’s why we took our kids to some of our favorite places such as the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum or the Caixa Forum, they were amazed with the vertical garden on its facade!

5- Shopping in Madrid

All the students who come to the school, especially those in our school groups, ask us where they can buy the best souvenirs to take back to their friends and family. That’s why, among all the fun activities to do, we include an afternoon of shopping in Madrid.

Last Thursday, Apoloniusz, one of our students from Poland, was very excited to show my classmates and I a statuette of a flamingo he had bought from his grandmother in the Plaza Mayor. You can’t imagine how happy he was!

These are, among others, many of the activities we have done with our students. We hope they have served as inspiration and that if you come to visit Madrid in the company of young people or teenagers you can put them into practice.

See you next time!






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