Spanish language speakers in the Indian Job Market: a booming demand!

My name is Varun Deshmukh and I work as Student Relations specialist for India at AIL Madrid. Like so many others, I was very interested in the Spanish language and culture and decided to learn Spanish in Spain. Having a background in tourism, learning a language was the most ideal step for me after completing my Masters in Tourism Management. I chose to study Spanish in Spain due to the many advantages it presents and that has been the best decision of my life so far, with respect to my career path and personal growth. I´d like to share some thoughts and statistics about Spanish and its importance in this article.

Making the decision…

Many of us are familiar with Spanish music, films, traditional flamenco music and cuisine; some are perhaps avid followers of the progress of Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga. Yet, is our appetite for Spanish culture the only factor in wanting to learn such a beautiful Romance language?

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I am of the opinion that there is far more to it than that. I speak to Spanish students from all across India on a daily basis and I often ask them why they are currently studying, or wish to study Spanish. The answers vary, with some telling me that with 480 million native speakers and another 100 million that speak it as a second language, Spanish is a passport to international communication. Others mention the growing importance of Spanish in the US due to close ties and immigration with its Southern neighbours. An increasing proportion cite career-related aspirations and goals, considering Spanish as a leading global language. Today, I am going to examine how learning Spanish could improve your job opportunities.

India and Spain as trade partners

In the past 5 years, we have seen astonishing growth in bilateral trade between India and Spain which in 2018 (Jan-Dec) was worth $6.31 billion, making Spain India´s 7th largest trading partner in the European Union.

Spain’s inward investment in India is on the up too. Zara, the Spanish clothing brand continues to expand, now boasting 22 locations across India. Furthermore, there are around 250 Spanish companies actively involved in the food and beverage, chemical, rubber and plastic, electrical materials and equipment, wind energy, automobile, construction and defence industries, making Spain the world’s 12th largest investor in India.

Job Opportunities for Spanish speakers in India

In light of this boom, it is hardly surprising that upon browsing professional online job listings, one may see a growing number of attractive career opportunities for Spanish language speakers in Indian business sectors as diverse as IT, Telecom, Tourism, Insurance, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Education, and Retail & Logistics.

india speak spanish

Spanish learning at Schools, Management Institutions & Universities

With the advent and growing importance of digital online learning in the Indian Education System, many educational institutions are incorporating online courses into their curriculum. Spanish language schools in Spain like AIL Madrid, along with their collaborators, have been educating students through their online Spanish courses. Ascensus Digital Solutions is one such collaborator which has been actively innovating to create courses in collaboration with AIL Madrid, in order to provide Spanish courses for Indian students in Spain.

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The Spanish language is only going to grow in influence over the next 5-10 years and it would be interesting to observe its progression and growing importance in business. As more and more Indians learn Spanish and apply it to their careers, very interesting professional profiles are emerging and the doors to many sectors are opening with them.

So… are you a Spanish learner? If so, how is it helping your career and life?

If you want to know more about my story read the article where I explain how I turned my passion for spanish into a career!

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  1. Shanthi

    It is a very good experience to me to learn Spanish language l knew lots of things this is a great world to me

    1. Varun

      Hi Shanthi,
      Hope you are doing well!
      Many thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you. My personal experience of learning Spanish has been phenomenal too.

  2. Pallavi Dugar

    I have studied Spanish and now I’m unable to find jobs under same. Can you please help me out through this?

    Thank You.

    1. Varun

      Hello Pallavi,
      Many thanks for your comment and hope that you are well!
      I personally work more in assisting and guiding Spanish Language students with choosing the right courses, for their individual learning goals but if some opportunity comes up in my network I´ll most certainly connect you. Please kindly indicate your email address for the same.

      All the best!

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