Online Spanish classes: an interview with our student Brooke

We know that there is no better way to share with you what is happening at AIL Madrid than by sharing our students’ voices. We have recently shared the opinions of some of our students, who talk about AIL Madrid’s online Spanish classes.

Let us introduce you to Brooke, a 27-year-old Spanish student who came from California, USA, to live and work in Madrid. During the confinement, she took online Spanish classes with us. Like her, there are many students who had never taken part in a virtual class before.

That is why we are sharing this video with you, because, as well as giving her opinion about the Spanish course, Brooke also shared her thoughts about taking part in online classes. Let’s see what she has to say in this interview!



“Motivating, encouraging and fun!” This is how Brooke describes the online Spanish classes at AIL Madrid. Also, as she mentions in the video, she was able to see that studying Spanish online was a great opportunity structure her routine. She was also surprised to have access to the same high-quality resources she had in the face-to-face Spanish classes. For example: having all the exercise material digitalized, the direct contact with the teachers and the possibility of interacting with her classmates online as she would in a face-to-face class… Without a doubt, the online Spanish course has exceeded Brooke’s expectations, and we are very happy to hear that.

Now we want to know… What do you think? We love getting to know the students’ point of view, as it helps us to improve and provide the best quality as possible. So… feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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