Top 5 tips to learn Spanish from home


¡Hola! Recently we have been asked to collaborate with various experts in foreign language teaching in an article titled “Learning Languages from Home Q&A: Tips and Advice from the Experts“. This was a great experience and we thought it would be a great topic to discuss here in our blog.

As you may already know, AIL Madrid’s online Spanish classes have been a great success among students who, in many cases, had doubts about this teaching method. For example, our student Kossay from Tunisia, before starting online classes had concerns too. Watch the video where he tells us what his experience was like!

Learning Spanish online can be a very valid option for those who want to take advantage of this modality’s benefits, such as a flexible timetable, reduced costs or the possibility of connecting from anywhere.


Therefore, today we want to share with you our top 5 tips to learn Spanish from home:

1- Create a study habit.

It is effortless to be distracted and get caught up in other things while spending time at home, so you have to stay focused on your studies. You have to form a studying habit, carving out time each day to study the language. Otherwise, you will not be able to make sustainable progress.

2- Take classes with a native teacher

All our students agree that, after taking classes with a native teacher, they really come to recognize the importance of guided learning and how native Spanish language teachers make all the difference. Read the article “How Spanish language teachers make all the difference” to find out why our students believe it is best to take classes with a native teacher.

3- Immerse yourself in the language

This is obviously easier when you are studying in a Spanish-speaking country. However, there are other ways to have some daily exposure to the language. Take advantage of all the resources you find on the web: you can watch Spanish TV series (see our suggestions in the article “Best TV shows to help you learn Spanish”), listen to Spanish radio and music, read in Spanish and write in Spanish (find tips on how to improve your Spanish reading skills).

4- Practice the language with other students or native speakers. Find someone you can talk to in Spanish. Having a partner will push you to keep trying a little harder and stay motivated. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to practice with a native speaker, that’s great! They will surely be able to give you good advice and help you express yourself in a better and more effective way.

5- Be curious.

You don’t just learn during study time! Remember that any time is a good time to learn something new. Take a cue from our article “Best ways for learning Spanish vocabulary” where you will find useful tips on how to learn Spanish vocabulary faster and easier.


These are our top 5 tips for learning Spanish easily from home. Put them into practice and with commitment and dedication, you will see that you will improve day by day.

Remember that on our website AIL Madrid you can find several online Spanish courses to choose from and adapted to fit the different needs of each student.


¡Nos vemos!


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  1. Danilo

    Nice content. Spanish is the simplest language to learn, and it can be really enjoyable as well. Latin America has some stunning spots to explore. Excellent cuisine and a captivating culture.

  2. Dani

    Yes, a native teacher is a great way to learn spanish today thanks to the internet. It can be challenging in the beginning, but it worth.

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