Spanish Accelerator for teens!

As a society, we are all concerned about the children’s academic progress because schools closed due to the known international situation. We are all still trying to find ourselves in the need to quickly adapt to the virtual world… and that includes online learning. Despite we have had many challenges, it is amazing how these digital educational tools have become our allies.

So, let’s look at the positive side:

Languages ​​have benefited from this virtual revolution, and that’s why we are glad to inform that we had developed the virtual Spanish classes program. Our goal is that teen students can listen and speak in a similar environment to the traditional classrooms, but from the comfort and safety of home.

At AIL Madrid, we believe that constant exposure to a language and its practice are the best ways to ensure progress. With this in mind, why not take advantage of the quarantine and give the youngest the opportunity to make rapid progress with our native teachers?

If they cannot come to Spain… we will take Spain to them! And that’s what the “Spanish Accelerator Course” is all about!

virtual spanish class

How does our virtual Spanish classes work?

The virtual classroom offers interactive and dynamic classes focused on communication. In no time, our students gain the confidence to speak more fluently. Classes are student-centered, and the teacher focus on giving their students communication skills, combined with interactive learning. Our virtual classroom uses videoconferencing technology, online chats, discussion boards, supplementary material sent electronically before, during and after class, and written and oral exams.

In addition, our teachers use all their creativity to make the class dynamic, proposing educational games and using multimedia resources such as games, videos and songs. We believe that if learning is fun, young people will learn more.

Who is this program aimed at?

We specially designed this program for students who:

  • Are studying or who are going to start studying Spanish in high school.
  • Want to achieve a specific objective or grade on an exam, and continue their Spanish in college.
  • Have language learning difficulties who wish to consolidate content already studied during the school year.

How do we form the groups?

  • That depends on the level of Spanish, age and mix of nationalities.
  • Students can make a group change or offer an alternative if they find their group too hard or too easy.

At AIL Madrid we have a team of teachers specialized in teaching young students. Our teachers are also trained in  virtual Spanish classes. And, by the way, they are the same teachers who have been working with us for a long time in our classroom classes!

We encourage you to take advantage of confinement, in order to provide your children with the best opportunities so that they can improve their language knowledge.

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