Corporate Language Training in Madrid

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CLASS SIZE: Individual or mini groups of 2 or 3 students.
TIMETABLE: Monday - Friday; Morning / Afternoon / Evening.
CLASS DURATION: 50 minutes.
LEVELS: B1 or above (recommended).
Spanish Courses Madrid

from 35

Per class


1 to 9 classes: 40€ per class
10 + classes: 35€ per class
Private group - 2 people
1 to 9 classes: 45€ per class (22.50€ per student)
10 + classes: 40€ per class (20€ per student)
Private group - 3 people
1 to 9 classes: 50€ per class (16.67€ per student)
10 + classes: 45€ per class (15€ per student)

If none of these options suit you or you would like to discuss the classes before booking, please get in touch with us: fill in the contact form or send us an email to
Downpayment of 200
About the Corporate Language Training in Madrid


AIL Madrid has extensive experience in providing Spanish courses for companies, catering to the diverse needs of business students. Our highly qualified Spanish teachers possess ample work experience in international business environments, ensuring that your employees receive top-notch training. We excel in teaching intercultural themes and can customize our programs to meet your specific Spanish training requirements. At AIL Madrid, we are dedicated to optimizing your performance in the global business arena with our Corporate Language Training Program.

To begin organizing your company’s program, we offer the following options:

1. Spanish programs within the company: – We have successfully organized numerous training programs within businesses and private residences. – By closely collaborating with your training department, we conduct a comprehensive needs analysis and language assessment to ensure that the program aligns with your company’s requirements. – Based on the assessment, we design private or group Spanish courses tailored to the participants’ language levels and create a suitable timetable.

2. Spanish classes at the school: – Many of our professional and corporate clients choose to join our group classes or opt for personalized individual lessons at our AIL Madrid centers. – Located in the heart of Madrid and the prestigious Salamanca district, our centers offer a wide range of options, including intensive programs, individual sessions, and evening and weekend classes. – Studying in this environment allows professionals to interact with peers also learning Spanish and benefit from our engaging and interactive learning environment.

3. Diplomatic staff: – In addition to our linguistic expertise, we specialize in intercultural communication, emphasizing effective expression tailored to specific situations. – Our teachers possess exceptional skills in teaching professionals in diplomatic positions, accommodating lessons at the office, home, or our centers.

To initiate the necessary steps for organizing your course, such as the language level test, please get in touch with us. We will promptly arrange everything required to ensure a seamless learning experience for your employees. Contact us now to embark on an enriching Spanish language journey with AIL Madrid.


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