Total Immersion Spanish Course in Madrid

Learn Spanish in Madrid with our Total Immersion Course. Accelerate your progress and achieve visible results. Join us today!

CLASSES PER WEEK: 30 group classes per week.
FUN AFTER CLASS ACTIVITIES: Included. See this week's activities.
CLASS SIZE: Average 6, max. 8.
COURSE DURATION: 1-52 weeks.
TIMETABLE: Monday- Friday 9:00h-14:40h or 11:10h-16:50h.
START DATES: Every Monday.
CLASS DURATION: 50 minutes.
LEVELS: From A1.2 to C1.

Note that if you are a Total Beginner with zero knowledge of Spanish, this course is not suitable for you.
Instead, you should enroll in either our Intensive or Premium Course.
Total Immersion Spanish Course

from 261

per week


1 to 7 weeks: 290€+ 50€ enrollment fee
8 weeks: 261€ (discounted by 10%) + 50€ enrollment fee.
+9 weeks: 261€ (discounted by 10% + No enrollment fee).

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About the Total Immersion Spanish Course in Madrid


Discover our Total Immersion Spanish Course in Madrid, a comprehensive and accelerated learning experience. This course is ideal for those who want to study Spanish intensively and achieve visible results in a short period of time. With this course, we offer 30 Spanish classes per week (6 a day from Monday to Friday). The classes are taught in two different groups (one group for 20 of the classes and another for the remaining 10). The class timetable will be from 9:00 to 14:40 or 11:10 to 16:50, depending on your level and our available groups. Bear in mind that the two groups will be at similar levels (for instance, lower B1 and intermediate B1), but they will not necessarily be the exact same level. The programme can be started any Monday of the year, so you can join whenever suits you best.

By choosing our Total Immersion Spanish Course, you’ll have the opportunity to study at a prominent Spanish school in Madrid. Our program is designed to provide you with a total language immersion and accelerate your progress. Through dynamic and personalized group classes, you’ll develop strong language skills and gain confidence in your fluency.

In our course, you’ll benefit from a wide range of advantages. First and foremost, we’ll ensure that you’re placed in a class appropriate to your level, so you can learn effectively in a supportive environment. Additionally, if you happen to be in Madrid during holiday weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to reschedule missed classes to ensure your learning is not compromised.

However, learning doesn’t just happen within the classroom hours. This course offers a complete experience that goes beyond the lessons. Every afternoon, you’ll have the chance to participate in fun activities alongside students of all levels. These activities, guided by our fantastic native teachers, will further enhance your immersion and provide you with the opportunity to practice Spanish in an authentic context.

By embarking on this challenging course, you’ll not only learn Spanish but also enjoy a unique experience. You’ll make new friends, have enriching experiences, and create countless unforgettable memories.

Don’t wait any longer to learn Spanish in Madrid. Join our Total Immersion Spanish Course and fully immerse yourself in the language. Seize this unique opportunity and start your language journey today!

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