Fun After Class Activities

The Program and Schedule

With over 80 varied activities, be ready to explore world-renowned museums and historical sites, taste delicious tapas at San Antón Market in Chueca or hot chocolate con churros at the iconic San Ginés, learn how to prepare tortilla and sangría in cooking classes, conquer the dance floor with new steps… and much more!

The 10 classes of Fun After Class Activities in Madrid a week are made up of five different sessions of two consecutive classes every afternoon or evening from Monday to Friday.

Practice your Spanish

All the linguistic, cultural, and historical activities are run by AIL Madrid’s native Spanish speaking teachers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your communication skills in Spanish. Each one of our Fun After Class Activities in Madrid is fully interactive and uses visuals to allow students of all levels, even beginners, to participate. These activities are the perfect way to develop the skills learned on your intensive course in a relaxed and friendly environment!

Optional attendance and flexibility

On Monday your Spanish teacher will let you know about the fun after class activities program for the week so you can decide what activities you would like to participate in. All you need to do is write your name down on the signup sheet. If you then change your mind, you simply erase your name from the sheet!

At AIL Madrid, you won’t lose any classes due to public holidays. We are committed to ensuring that all missed classes and activities are made up for, regardless of the course type, the length of booking, or the number of public holidays in a week and season! However, please note that in weeks with two public holidays, we will only recover the missed classes and activities for one day.


Make new friends

The activities are an awesome way to get to know students from other groups! Each one includes conversation and interaction between students. Remember, you are an important part of the AIL community, and as such you contribute to the friendly, supportive atmosphere that makes AIL Madrid so special!

An AIL Madrid teacher or representative always accompanies students on the after class activities. We make sure everyone is involved, and that it really is a fun experience for you all!

Free for all students taking 10+ group classes per week

AIL Madrid does not charge students participating in 10 or more group classes per week for the guided activities. There may, however, be additional fees for museum entrance tickets, transportation, food, and drinks.


Our students’ experience

The after class activities are a great way not to only practice your Spanish, but also to help you to get to know more about the culture, history and heritage of Spain. Want to know more about how our students are having fun while learning on the after class activities?

 Visit our blog and find out!

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