Spanish exercise on the verbs quedar and quedarse

This Spanish B2 level exercise is designed to help students practice and differentiate between the various meanings of the verbs “quedar” and “quedarse.” Both of these verbs have multiple uses in Spanish, and this exercise aims to reinforce students’ understanding of their different contexts.

Materials Needed:

  • Exercise sheets with incomplete questions
  • Space for students to write their responses

Exercise Steps:

  1. Introduction: Begin by explaining to the students that they will be working with the verbs “quedar” and “quedarse,” which have various meanings in Spanish. Provide a brief overview of some of the different uses of these verbs.

  2. Incomplete Questions: Distribute the exercise sheets containing incomplete questions. Each question should have a blank space where students need to fill in the correct form of either “quedar” or “quedarse.” Ensure that the questions cover a range of contexts and meanings for these verbs.

  3. Individual Work: Allow students some time to individually complete the questions by selecting the appropriate verb form based on the context provided. Encourage them to think about the meaning of the sentence and how it relates to the usage of “quedar” or “quedarse.”

  4. Pair or Group Discussion: After completing the questions individually, have students work in pairs or small groups to discuss their answers. They can explain their choices and reasoning to one another. This step promotes peer learning and allows students to clarify any doubts.

  5. Class Discussion: Lead a class discussion where students share their responses to the questions. Encourage them to explain why they chose “quedar” or “quedarse” for each context. As a teacher, provide feedback and explanations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the verbs.

  6. Additional Context: If time allows, present a few real-life scenarios or sentences where “quedar” and “quedarse” are used differently. Ask students to identify which verb is appropriate for each scenario and explain why.

Objective: The main objective of this exercise is to reinforce students’ understanding of the verbs “quedar” and “quedarse” and their various meanings in different contexts. By completing the questions and engaging in discussions, students practice using these verbs correctly and gain insight into their nuanced usages. This exercise encourages critical thinking and fosters a deeper comprehension of the Spanish language.


If you like, you can download the activity and its instructions, by clicking here:

ELE activity to practice the difference in meaning between quedar and quedarse

Instructions for activity on the verbs quedar and quedarse