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Welcome to AIL Madrid

My name is Chris Haworth, and I am the director and founder of Academia Internacional de Lenguas Madrid (AIL Madrid). I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about our Spanish language School, its history, quality, and why so many students choose AIL for their Spanish studies.

Chris Haworth

Director & Founder

Our History

2000 - Where it all begins

Though the academy actually began fifteen years ago, in the tiny living room of my Madrid city center flat, the beginning of the story dates back to when I first arrived in Madrid in the year 2000. My initial experience of the city was intoxicating; the language, the nightlife, and the vibrancy and history of the city itself. I fell in love with Madrid immediately, feeling a thrill every time I had the opportunity to introduce visitors to my new home, and knew Madrid would form a long term narrative in my life.

2009 - Opening of the first school in Madrid

After nearly a decade in the capital of Spain and becoming fluent in Spanish, although my British accent will never leave me, I decided to take the big leap. I had been taking an intensive French course in Montpellier, and the school director shared his vision on teaching and running a language school. Something clicked in my head, and I started thinking that maybe I should think big and go all in.

With the help of some friends from university and the idea that had been brewing in my mind year after year in Madrid, the creation of my first school in the city became possible, and AIL Madrid was born.

As I mentioned, I had been a Spanish student for many years, so I knew what I wanted to make my school a reference in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

The teachers were going to be the most important part of the school. I wanted passionate native teachers who would provide an unparalleled experience to the students. Additionally, the academy was going to be located in one of the most central areas of Madrid. I wanted the students to feel in the heart of the city and fully experience the language immersion.

2010 - Official Collaborating Center with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce

Shortly after opening our school and thanks to the excellence in Spanish teaching, we established a valuable partnership with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Through this fruitful collaboration, our students have access to specialized training programs, seminars, and events related to the business world in Madrid.

2011 - Adhesion to FEDELE

AIL Madrid is honored and excited to announce that we have been invited to join FEDELE, the Spanish Federation of Spanish Schools for Foreigners. This prestigious membership highlights our commitment to excellence in Spanish language education and our dedication to providing high-quality programs and services to students from around the world. We are proud to be part of this esteemed organization and look forward to collaborating with other language schools to promote the Spanish language and culture.

2012 - Accredited Center by the Cervantes Institute

Continuing our trajectory and pursuing our goals, in 2012, AIL Madrid achieved accreditation from the prestigious Cervantes Institute. This implies that AIL Madrid has met the standards and requirements established by this institution regarding academic quality, highly qualified teaching staff, updated teaching methods, and appropriate resources for learning Spanish.

AIL Madrid History
2015 - Official Examination Center for the CCSE Exam

In 2015, our institution was honored to become an Official Examination Center for the CCSE Exam, which is a crucial requirement for individuals seeking Spanish nationality. The CCSE Exam assesses the knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and sociocultural aspects of Spain.

2018 - Official Examination Center for the SIELE Exam

In 2015, we became an Official Examination Center for the SIELE (International Spanish Language Evaluation Service) Exam. SIELE is an internationally recognized exam that assesses and certifies the level of proficiency in Spanish for non-native speakers. As an Official Examination Center for SIELE, we are authorized to administer and evaluate the exams in our facilities. This gives our students the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized official certification that supports their level of proficiency in Spanish.

Escuela Socialmente Responsable
2021 - AIL Madrid obtains the Accreditation as a Socially Responsible School by FEDELE

AIL Madrid is proud to receive the Accreditation as a Socially Responsible School by FEDELE. This recognition highlights our commitment to ethical practices, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. We strive to create a positive impact on society while providing top-notch Spanish language education to our students from around the world.

2022 - AIL Madrid wins Best Marketing and Promotion Campaign at the FEDELE Premios Sector ELE

AIL won the award for Best Marketing and Promotion Campaign at the FEDELE Premios Sector ELE! We want to thank our amazing team and everyone who has supported our efforts. This recognition inspires us to continue innovating and delivering the best in Spanish language education. Thanks to FEDELE and everyone for being part of our success!

Web_ST Star Awards 2023-RGB_Finalist
2023 - AIL Madrid Finalist in the Star Awards

AIL Madrid was nominated and subsequent selected as a finalist for the prestigious Star Awards 2023 in the ST Star Spanish Language School. This recognition reflects our unwavering dedication to providing an immersive and innovative Spanish language learning experience.

2023 - AIL Madrid wins Best Educational Project with a Digital Foundation at the FEDELE Premios Sector ELE

AIL Madrid has recieved the award for Best Educational Project with a Digital Foundation at the FEDELE ELE Sector Awards! This recognition motivates us to persist in innovation and excellence in Spanish language education. Special gratitude to FEDELE and all involved for contributing to our success!

BLC Spain
BLC Spain: Innovation and Excellence in Education

As part of the prestigious AIL Español network, BLC Spain offers an innovative educational proposition focused on global business management and Spanish language proficiency. Founded by renowned professionals from the business and educational realms, our institution is distinguished by its steadfast commitment to educational quality and cultural immersion.

Our program provides students with the opportunity to select their destination in Spain after completing the first year in Madrid, thereby fostering a deep immersion in the various regional cultures of Spain. Collaboration with the University of the Atlantic ensures a top-notch education, recognized internationally.

Students have the chance to undertake real projects in collaboration with companies, concluding their education with a fluent command of Spanish and a solid preparation to thrive in international professional environments. At BLC Spain, we value personal growth and provide an inclusive and supportive environment.

Discover more about our educational program and join our community at BLC Spain.

Our Mission

At AIL Madrid, we are committed to providing our students with quality education and an immersive experience in learning Spanish and Spanish culture. Our mission is to be the leading Spanish school in Madrid, creating a welcoming and stimulating environment that fosters personal growth and linguistic development. We work tirelessly to help our students achieve fluency in Spanish and understand and appreciate Spanish culture. We take pride in offering a dynamic and fully personalized approach tailored to the needs of each of our students.

Our Vision

Our vision at AIL Madrid is to become an international reference in the teaching of Spanish and the dissemination of Spanish culture. We strive to be recognized as leaders in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language, providing innovative and high-quality programs that meet the needs of our students.

We aim to be a center of educational excellence, where students find a stimulating and motivating environment that allows them to develop their linguistic and cultural skills holistically. Our goal is for our students to gain authentic fluency in Spanish and a deep understanding of Spanish culture, opening doors for them academically and professionally in an increasingly globalized world.

We aspire to create a vibrant and diverse community where students feel inspired, supported, and valued. We foster a collaborative and enriching learning environment, where students can interact with highly qualified teachers and classmates from around the world, thus enhancing their educational and cultural experience.

As part of our vision, we are committed to staying updated on the latest educational methodologies and technologies, ensuring that our students have access to the most advanced and effective resources. We aim to be at the forefront of Spanish language teaching, promoting innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of our institution.

In summary, our vision at AIL Madrid is to be a leading institution in the teaching of Spanish and the promotion of Spanish culture, offering high-quality programs, an enriching educational experience, and an inspiring learning environment for our students.

Our Values

At AIL Madrid, we are guided by a set of core values that form the foundation of our educational philosophy and the essence of our organization. These values define us and drive us to provide quality education and an enriching experience for our students:

1. Academic Excellence: We strive to offer high-quality educational programs that meet the highest academic standards. We are constantly seeking excellence in Spanish language instruction and the promotion of Spanish culture.

2. Student Commitment: We value each student as a unique individual and are committed to providing them with a supportive and personalized learning environment. We care about their well-being and academic success, and strive to provide them with the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility: We believe in the positive impact we can have on society and the environment. We are committed to being a socially responsible institution, implementing sustainable practices, and contributing to the development of our local community.

4. Diversity and Inclusion: We value and respect the diversity of our students, employees, and collaborators. We foster an inclusive environment where cultural, ethnic, gender, and thought differences are celebrated. We believe that diversity enriches our community and allows us to learn and grow together.

5. Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We strive to be at the forefront of Spanish language education by adopting new educational methodologies and technologies. We constantly seek improvement in all aspects of our institution to provide our students with an updated and relevant educational experience.

These values guide us in all our actions and decisions, reflecting our commitment to being an educational institution of excellence, social responsibility, and openness to diversity.

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