Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our first school was created, AIL Madrid has wanted to, aside from teach Spanish, educate our students in moral values. The holistic learning process is not limited to educational concepts like grammar or linguistic skills like oral expression and writing. For a truly whole experience, we believe that students should be immersed in a culture of environmental awareness, equality, and social diversity.

At AIL Madrid, we have a long history of sharing Spanish language and culture with ambitious international students. We like to think that each country in the world has a little part us, as our students form part of our history and always remain members of the AIL Madrid family. As such, we feel a large sense of corporate social responsibility within our school. We truly believe that it is our duty to impart ethical values onto our bright and talented international students, who we know will later take on the world.

How did we become a socially responsible school?

As we are a Spanish Language School, we have always felt a great responsibility in the value of education. Our mission and vision as a company align largely with the motives that the educational sector promotes. Throughout our history as a school, we have taken action to collaborate in the prominent social causes at the time.

The need for a unified international community has become more prevalent than ever in today’s world. From the difficult years spent in the pandemic to the devastating war in Ukraine, humanity is being challenged every day. It is, in these trying times, that it is most important for us to unite as one and provide help to those who may need it.

FEDELE (Federation Association of Spanish Schools) encourages these collaborations in social causes across countries. From helping to eliminate social inequalities to integrating marginalized groups into the community, FEDELE is dedicated to creating a better and more peaceful world. The organization has created an accreditation seal “Socially Responsible ELE School” to recognize the work that many schools have been doing with regard to environmental ethics, equality, and universal accessibility within the educational sector.

Projects we have worked on (since March 2022)

We offered free Spanish classes for Ukrainian refugees: we are committed to helping our students navigate day-to-day life in the city and eliminate the language barriers they face in a new foreign country.

We offered free classes for members of the LGBTQI+ community: the percentage of unemployment amongst this community is disproportionately high. As such, we worked with the organization Kif-Kif to facilitate equal access to employment for this community.

Recycling program in all of our schools: we are working on sorting our waste correctly. Our school has differentiated bins to separate organic waste from paper, glass, and non-recyclable materials.

Grants and scholarships for both students and professors.

In 2023, we continue to be committed to Social Responsibility.

At AIL Madrid we are always looking for new projects to fulfill our commitment to social awareness. As we often say, schools are a reflection of our society. Therefore, we must work hard to ensure that we impart good values and ethics into our students who as they grow will in turn impart their learnings into our society.

Among some of the projects we maintain in 2023, we highlight our collaboration with UNIR (International University of La Rioja), providing their students with the valuable opportunity to intern with us. We understand the challenges that young individuals face when entering the workforce, and we are committed to being their first step towards a successful career in a real working environment, driven by social responsibility. This partnership reflects our commitment to education and supporting the next generation of professionals. 

Practicas UNIR

In support of the St. Patrick’s Charity Gala, which aids individuals affected by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, a genetic condition without a cure that damages the lungs and liver, we participated as collaborators in the charity auction organized by the association. Our goal was to support research and assist those facing this rare disease. We are committed to continuing to participate in similar charitable events and raising awareness about the importance of supporting individuals with lesser-known illnesses. 

Continuing our clear objective of supporting more social projects, we took part in the centennial charity gala of the British Benevolent Fund Foundation. The British Benevolent Fund Foundation works to aid those in need, and its centenary represents a significant milestone. We were delighted to collaborate with them to contribute to the cause and raise awareness about the valuable work they carry out every day.

Foto British Benevolent Fund

We have collaborated with our vending partner to move towards sustainability by proposing the switch from plastic cups to recycled paper cups. We remain committed to eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our operations.

Foto British Benevolent Fund

In 2024 we join the social inclusion movement

AIL Español is proud to have participated in the XV Generali Race for Inclusion, an event organized by the Spanish Paralympic Committee and Sport Life Ibérica, sponsored by Generali and supported by the Madrid City Council. The race, which brought together thousands of participants in support of inclusive sports, reaffirms our commitment to inclusion and community support. We will continue to support events that promote equality and the integration of people with disabilities.

Foto British Benevolent Fund

At AIL Madrid we are tremendously aware of the ethical commitment of the school and therefore we are in a relentless search for new projects. As we always say, schools are the reflection of society and therefore we firmly believe that this work is very important to ensure the good values of the future society.

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